Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rove and Bush helped FIRE US Attorney's

Newly revealed e-mails may show that 
Karl Rove and the 
Bush White House had a 
more active role in the 2006 U.S. attorney firings than previously disclosed.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

THE GOP should apologize to Pelosi.

Today in an OP-ED in the Washington Post
Leon Panetta wrote this
"In that spirit, on June 24, I briefed the intelligence oversight committees of Congress on a highly classified program that had been brought to my attention the day before. Never fully operational, the program had not, in seven years, taken a single terrorist off the street, and
information about it had not been shared appropriately with Congress."

THE GOP should apologize to Pelosi.
$3.5 TRILLION increase in Stock Market Value
since the bottom - Greenspan

Friday, July 10, 2009

The nation's hospitals agreed yesterday to take $155 billion less in
future Medicare and Medicaid payments
to help defray the
cost of President Obama's health-care overhaul.
This is in addition to the $2 TRiLLION
pledge by the AMA.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Nevada is No. 2 in the number of people ages 18 to 64 
who don’t have health insurance, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. 
Nearly 1 in 4 people in Nevada lack health insurance.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

$80 Billion

Drug Manufacturers will Give Obama
Discounts up to $80 Billion for Medicine
purchases for Medicare.
When the Perscription Drug bill passed

Insurance Co's Cancel and Don't pay

Kaiser Health News

Insurers Refuse To Stop Cancelling Some Sick Patients' Policies

Jun 17, 2009
Members of Congress grilled executives from the
insurance industry's
big three –
UnitedHealth Group,
WellPoint, and
Assurant –
for canceling coverage of more than 20,000 paying policy holders at a hearing Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times


The executives
responded that
they would continue the practice,
known as rescission,
which has saved them an estimated $300 million over a five-year period.

The House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations found that
"policyholders with
breast cancer,
lymphoma and
more than 1,000 other conditions were targeted for rescission and
that employees were praised in performance reviews for terminating the policies of customers with expensive illnesses." 

One executive said rescission is intended to stop fraud and abuse.
The Times reports that the executives "would not commit to limiting rescissions to only policyholders who intentionally lie or commit fraud to obtain coverage, a refusal that met with dismay from legislators on both sides of the political aisle. Experts said it could undermine the industry's efforts to influence healthcare-overhaul plans working their way toward the White House. 'Talk about tone deaf,' said Robert Laszewski, a former health insurance executive who now counsels companies as a consultant ...
Proponents of a public plan
seized upon the hearing,
saying it showed
why access to healthcare
cannot be left to
private insurance companies" (Girion, 6/17).